About Us

About LetsKeepItCivil.org

lets-keep-it-civil-iconLetsKeepItCivil.org is a free project to empower universal civility and universal safety at work, home, and online.
Its focus is defusing verbal and emotional hostility in a positive, encouraging way.
It is a part of TeamLeap’s mission and Kevin Crenshaw’s passion for principle-based, hands-off leadership.
To create this site, Kevin and TeamLeap draw on decades of personal and company research and practice in work, school, online, nonprofit, and home environments.

About Kevin Crenshaw

kevin-crenshaw-ceo-windowKevin is a Rapid Turnaround CEO and Advisor. He is also an author and keynote speaker.
He is the principal author of LetsKeepItCivil.org and CEO of TeamLeap.
His passion is rapid culture change through principle-based, hands-off leadership, creating leaders instead of followers at all levels of an organization.
This unleashes the minds, hearts, and energies of workers without rattling hierarchies or losing control.
Then, once the workers are fully engaged, unstoppable strategies emerge naturally.
His new book is The Neverboss: Great Leadership by Letting Go.
He’s a physics guy and a father of 10 children with Midge Crenshaw, his wife and TeamLeap co-founder.

You can follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn, or contact Kevin directly.

About TeamLeap

TeamLeap’s mission is to change the way the world sees leadership.
Instead of “taking control,” great leaders:

  • Create cultures of universal safety.
  • Give authority, not orders.
  • Inspire personal ownership and initiative.
  • Enthrone principles, not personalities or rules.
  • Focus on results without controlling.
  • Create leaders instead of followers.
  • Step up, step back, and then step away.

The TeamLeap Manifesto

Everyone should LOVE their jobs.
When people love going to work every day, they rock their industries.

That’s the result when you replace top-down management with Hands-Off Leadership™.
EVERYONE gets focused freedom, opportunity to lead and grow, and shared inspiring purpose. It’s addictive.

So we lead guaranteed culture, leadership, and company turnarounds.
90 days or less to dramatic, rapid positive change, or you don’t pay. Onsite or virtual.
Or we show you the way, your choice.

How would that feel at your company?
Let’s talk. It’s always 100% confidential.

How TeamLeap Started

TeamLeap was originally founded as Priacta, Inc. in 2006, a family project involving Kevin Crenshaw, Midge Crenshaw and their children in programming, coaching, finance, and other administrative tasks to expedite the world’s work. Their original vision was to 1) empower their children to succeed as they 2) created a company to bring lasting change in the world. They sold their productivity training system in 2014. Most of their children are now entrepreneurial.