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Anger During a Protest

The Power of Resolute Civility

Hostility only wins if we don’t know how to respond. Here is an easy, powerful way to turn the tide.

The Power of One

Hostility and incivility seem to be spreading like global, verbal terrorism, and it’s easy to see why. It feels powerful. It sways elections. One person can launch a verbal attack in a few words, spreading pain, fear, and intimidation and silencing others. Public figures have written popular books about using incivility to promote causes.

However, verbal and emotional incivility can be turned around, even by one person if you know how. Master the principles and tools of universal safety and you can quickly defuse fear and create empathy, respect, and shared purpose instead. Then great things can happen.

That’s the purpose of to empower you to feel safe, stop aggression, and inspire a better way quickly and easily.

Civility Isn’t Weak and Doesn’t Always Agree

Civility doesn’t mean we always agree or give in. Instead it means:

  • Disagreeing without being disagreeable,
  • Understanding feelings and being understood,
  • Listening and being heard with respect,
  • Seeking common ground where possible, and
  • Promoting everyone’s right to speak up civilly, even when we disagree.

Civility is strength because it resonates with people. It suddenly inspires truth and goodness instead of falsehood and hurt. Deep down, kindness and civility is what we want for ourselves, our children, and the world. So when we clearly see how its done—if it doesn’t look too hard—we’ll support it.

Become a Master of Civility

Use this site to create and feel safety even in the face of verbal and emotional aggression. Start by discovering how to spot and name hostility that already causes you pain and fear. Then learn how to turn it around and inspire a better way. (Physical aggression is beyond the current scope of this site.)

Civility is strength because it resonates with people.

You can’t force others to be civil, but you can move incivility out of the limelight and into the back alleys where it belongs. When you do that the right way, you create safety for yourself and everyone else. Everyone has the right to feel safe.

Begin here:

  1. Explore the icons on the home page. Share them online in social media conversations to inspire mutual safety (the white symbols) or defend yourself and others from attacks (yellow ones).
  2. Learn the AAAnds method for creating safety and turning hostility into mutual purpose.
  3. Study the three pillars of universal safety and civility.
  4. Jump in everywhere online. Start talking actively (and civilly) where you used to be afraid. You won’t need to fear any more, because you will be prepared.
  5. When problems come up, ask the Community. Bring difficult situations to “The Mat” to spar with others and develop your skills in a friendly setting.

And above all, have fun and enjoy your newfound strength and power.

Everyone has the right to feel safe.


About the Author

Kevin Crenshaw is a rapid turnaround CEO, leadership trainer, author, and speaker. His first book is The Neverboss: A Story and Blueprint for High-Performance, Hands-Off Leadership. Kevin and TeamLeap relied on decades of research and practice in work, school, nonprofit, home, and online environments to create Their mission is to change the way the world sees leadership.

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Anger During a Protest